In 1950, it was decided to create a new parish in Cloughfern out of the parish of St John Whitehouse to cater for new housing developments. Orginally services were held in a hall while the church was being built. The Church of the Ascension, Cloughfern was consecrated on Ascension Day, 1954. In 1959, full parochial status was granted, again on Ascension day. The church buildings were refurbished and offically reopened in 2002, on the fiftieth anniversary of the buidling of the first hall.

About Us

Welcome to the Church of the Ascension Cloughfern Parish - you are more than welcome. We are a church in the community of Newtownabbey, and part of the Church of Ireland. We welcome all ages and backgrounds, every single person is welcome to our services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the word of God and his teachings in our community.



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